Why Credit?

Why Credit?

     Crediting is when you cite your sources or where you got your picture from or who wrote the music or anything else you put on that isn’t yours. You need to acknowledge their ideas and their work. To credit you put the website url or the name of the person who took the picture/did the work. Wouldn’t you want someone to say when they used your work?If you cite your sources then you can avoid plagiarism. I still have yet to know some other ways to cite sources. That is what I learned!

Activity 2

Ulf Bodin via CompfigEveröd, July 9, 2017ht

Minds of Horses

three horses stand in my view,

two light, one dark,

the light from the sun,

keeping darkness at bay,


A tie sits on the wire fence,

keeping them from escaping,

some thing they cannot control,

using the minds of horses

By: Hunter Brown

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