Cheer Is My Sport

SEA to SKY International Cheerleading 2017Creative Commons License GoToVan via Compfight Stephen Pollard via Compfight

   I am passionate about cheer.  Cheer is a very fun sport for me.  I like cheer because I have fun. In cheer you make lots of new friends you would never meet outside of cheer. Also you get lots of exercise in cheer. You tumble and flip to build up muscle. You stunt too, as a flyer you build up leg muscle and as a base you build up both leg and arm muscle. I love cheer for these reasons and more. Hoped you liked it!

       Cheer consists of tumbling, stunting, and dance/choreography. Stunting is my personal favorite. In stunts you can be a flyer, a base, a backspot, or sometimes a frontspot. I am a flyer. The flyer is the person who is being held or thrown up in the air and doing different skills. The bases are the two people on each side that throw and catch the flyer. They have to catch the flyer’s foot in certain skills and the flyerś whole body in others. The back spot is the person behind the stunt. The backspot catches the flyer if she falls. The backspot also catches the flyers ankles and/or thighs in the stunt. Front Spots are optional they hold the flyers shins or throw in a basket. This is cheerleading.


4 thoughts on “Cheer Is My Sport

  1. Dear Hunter,
    when you put it like this cheerleading seems very cool, and it looks very fun and energetic with all the tumbling, stunting, and dance. I am soon joining cheer when I learn a little more of the tumbling part. I think I would like to be a flyer at some point, being “thrown around” sounds like the best part. I wonder what specific kinds of tumbling skills do you acquire at cheer.

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