My Hero!

My hero is my dad. My dad is kind like Nala from The Lion King. He is nice to everyone even though they can be a pain sometimes. My dad is supportive like Pumba. Pumba stood by Simba through everything and supported his choices, my dad stands by me and supports everything I do. My dad is also brave like Simba. Simba goes back to Pride rock even though he had a terrible experience there. I can relate this to my dad because, my dad operates a power plant.. My dad is my hero just like Nala, Simba, and Pumba are heroes in The Lion King!

Should Social Media Get You Kicked Out?

I think what you say on social media should not get you kicked out of extra circulars, suspended, or fired. You should be able to voice your opinion about anything and anyone in the public eye. Everyone has a right to share their own opinion. If you are not on the property of the extra circular, school, or workplace then they have no right to fire you. Anything that happens off their property is your personal life. In the text Micheal Gonchar, author of the article Should What You Say On Facebook Be Grounds for Getting Fired?, called a teachers rant an “online outburst”. Sometimes people need to get things off their chest. It is better to do that then keep it locked up inside of yourself. Do you think what you say on social media should get you kicked out of extra circulars, suspended, or fired? Comment below your opinions! <3

My Traveling Experiences

I have been to many places in my life. Some I remember more than others. One place I have been is the Grand Cayman. I did many things there. Some things I did include swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, swimming with stingrays and more! Some other places I have been are: North Carolina, Tennessee, IndiaWaikiki beach, Honolulu, Hawaii 2002na, Ohio, Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, Louisiana, etc. My Favorites are definitely Florida, Louisiana, and Hawaii.

I was only 8 months old when I went to Hawaii so I would like to go again. I would also like to go to Paris. I want to do one semester of college in Paris since I will hopefully be studying architecture and Paris has lots of it! I will actually be going back to Hawaii during the last week of school for a wedding. I am so excited!

I could recommend a lot of places to go, but only some are really worth your money. I recommend Hawaii, The Grand Cayman, and Paris. In Hawaii there are many places to go that are very fun. One place is Waikiki and Waikiki beach. They are so pretty! In The Grand Cayman you can swim with dolphins, stingrays, turtles and more! You can also go snorkeling! Even though I haven´t gone to Paris, I have heard from many that it is a beautiful place! There are so many more places you can go! Comment below what places you have been oTokyo Towerr where you want to go!





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My 20% Accomplishment

 We have only made one major accomplishment in our project. Our major accomplishment is finding a daycare to perform camps at. We are really excited since we have been trying for a while now. We have tried 2 and the second agreed! We will either go onUniversity of Oregon cheerleader the 9th or the 16th of January 2018. We will be doing a cheer camp first.

Our December goals are setting official dates. We need camp dates set for January, February, March, April, and May. We could possibly go into summer but maybe not. We also need to ask about doing something called holiday bobs witch are candies dressed up for the month or holiday. We hope you are just as excited as us!


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My Christmas!

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love Christmas so much! I love it because we get to open presents, hang out with family, relax, and we get days of school! I like that I just get to hang out with family for a whole day. Christmas is also fun since I get to travel the day after Christmas. Travel to Louisiana, witch is where my dad’s side of the family lives! Now I will tell you all about what happens on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in the Brown family household!


I love Christmas eve. On Christmas eve I go to my mom´s best friend´s house to open presents from her and her kids. We always have lots of good Christmas snacks. When we get home we make cookies and milk for ourselves and Santa. Then it is tradition for my mom to read me the same Christmas book she has read to me since I was 3 years old. Last for the day I go to sleep.


Christmas hatsIn the morning I always wake up at 6:30 a.m. to open presents. I am always so excited that I get little sleep. Once I wake up the rest of my family, they start to slowly get out of their beds and move down into the living room. I am always the first to open presents since I am the youngest. After me, my brother and his girlfriend open presents. After them, my parents and grandma open their presents. After that we eat breakfast ,since it is so early in the morning. We mostly just hang out, play with our new stuff, eat, and sleep some more for the rest of the day. That’s my Christmas!


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Empower Me 101, My 20% Project

Me and my partners, Clara and Makenzie, are doing a 20% project for our PBL, project based learning, and ELA, English language arts, classes. Our 20% project is all about empowering kids with sports.

I am feeling nervous, excited and happy. I feel nervous because what if our project doesn`t work? Then I will be so disappointed. I feel excited because I will be doing my own project while trying to change the world. Lastly, I feel happy since I will be able to make others happy by teaching them sports.

Our major deadlines for November are getting approval from the daycare to let us teach our sports by November 19th. We also need to send flyers to the daycare by November 22nd. In order to achieve these goals we will be working out and inside of class on these flyers. We will also be calling and talking to the daycare regularly. We are hoping our project turns out well.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

What I Saw Outside My PBL Window

I was sitting in PBL class on a dark stormy Monday morning . It was fourth period at 11:01 am. I look out the window L esprit du lacand see a dark figure standing in the field on Releasedthe right side of the building. He had a long black cloak on with a hood that covers his face. He has black jeans and a black t-shirt underneath. I could tell he was staring at me, only me, like he was a bull and I was wearing bright red. Although he was staring it was like he had no soul, no face, no eyes, no mouth, no nose, no feeling. All of him sucked up by the black cloak he wore. I had not even gotten a good look at him when my teacher announced that class was over.

As I walked out of my class everything went black. I was spinning out of control, just spinning over and over in darkness. I tried to scream but nothing came out of my mouth as if my vocal chords had been violently ripped out of my body. Then the spinning stopped. I woke up in a white, ripped gown sitting on the shore of a very small island, it was black, burnt to a crisp. One tree stood on the island it had no leaves and black blossoms. Birds flew overhead with a storm coming in fast. A black swan calmly swimming in front of the island waiting for chaos to start. As the storm approached the black figure appeared in front of me glitching in and out of existence.Then he glitched into the sky and froze. When he froze, my heart stopped. I couldn’t feel anything, I was staring at him, only him, as if I had no soul anymore. I was gone, I could feel it. I knew at that moment that this was where I would live for the rest of my life.


I might eventually do a follow up so stay posted!


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A Story For You!

Activity 3

This is a story about a dog. This dogs name is Goldy. Goldy was walking along one summer morning when he came across a bunny. This bunny is very rude and his name is Rudeth. Rudeth told the dog to go away but Goldy stayed. Goldy knew something was wrong. Rudeth was never this rude. So Goldy asked if something was wrong. Rudeth said “Yea”. “Whats wrong?” said Goldy. ”Everything” Rudeth replied. After ward Rudeth ran. He ran so far that no one knows where he went. Except Goldy.

Where do you think Rudeth went? How does Goldy know where he went? What will Goldy do? What will Rudeth do? Will Goldy bring Rudeth back? Will Rudeth ever come home?

Don’t forget to finish my story in the comments!

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Activity 4

A story without words!


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How to Own and Train Your Puppy!

Mr. PatchesI have a puppy of my own and he is crazy. He is a Maltese Silky named Malibu. He runs around everywhere, bites everyone’s feet, and whines all night in his crate. There are some tips and tricks to make your life easier as a puppy owner. I’m not perfect, but  I am trying just as hard as you to be a good dog owner. Here are my personal favorite tips and tricks!

My first tip would be to crate train your puppy. Crate training will help you a lot while they are a puppy. When you go to school, work, or just leave your house in general, you will be able to put your puppy in the crate and leave without worry of your puppy tearing something up or peeing somewhere. In order to crate train you should put your puppy in the crate at night too. You will want to do this especially if your puppy isn’t yet potty trained. Then they won’t pee in the bed!

My next tips will be on potty training. If your dog is an outdoor dog, this doesn’t apply to you. However if your dog is indoors listen closely. While potty training you should take them out 30 minutes after the eat or drink. If they haven’t eaten or drank anything I would recommend taking them out around every hour if you can. Of course while you are out doing something will be when they learn to hold they’re pee or poop.

That’s all the tips I have for you today! Comment any tips you have for me or my viewers! Remember that I am learning too! Thanks for reading! Bye!


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